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Welcome to the Royals Zone!

What a cheesy name for a blog, right?

I’m cool with it, so you should be, too.

Anyway, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I wish I could tell you that I’m reinventing the wheel and putting forth some amazing concoction combining the best features of Royals blogs all around the blogosphere into one, but I’m not. I’m just another Royals fan who is here to share some thoughts on the team we love…for some reason.

Just to give you fine folks (2 or more people? Dare to dream!) a little glimpse into my mind, I’m more of a statistical guy. I really like playing with the numbers, and as you all know, you can make the numbers say anything. That’s sort of the fun, though, isn’t it? What I’ve found, though, as I’ve begun to learn more and more about statistical analysis is that it sorts of detracts a bit from my enjoyment of the game. For example, if I see Yuniesky Betancourt hit a grand slam, I love it, but I can’t help but know for a fact that it’s an aberration.

Well now that I’ve already mentioned a controversial topic in Royals Nation, I suppose I’ll wrap up this hello by saying that I’m glad you’re here. I hope you come back and I hope to entertain and inform.

Good to have you!

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