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Playoff Predictions

Well, it’s time. The playoffs start today, so I might as well get my predictions on the internet, so they can be openly mocked when I miss every single series.

Yankees vs. Twins – This one is actually one of the tougher ones to predict. The Yankees own the Twins, but the Twins have the homefield advantage here. I still think the Yankees are just too good and they win it in four.

Rangers vs. Rays – This series hinges pretty much on whether or not Longoria is fully healthy/not rusty. I think the Rangers win Game 1 and 4 behind Cliff Lee but lose the series in five. The Rays are just too solid all around. B.J. Upton will have a huge postseason and it begins here.

Braves vs. Giants – I think the Giants are just too tough to beat in a short series with all that pitching. The Braves are too strikeout prone to really do much against Lincecum and Cain is rolling right now. I haven’t decided how easily the Giants win this series but it’ll either be three or four.

Reds vs. Phillies – This is probably the biggest mismatch of the postseason. I just don’t see a way the Reds beat the Phillies three times in five games during the playoffs. The Phillies are outstanding and built for the playoffs with their pitching staff. The Phightin’s win this series in a sweep.

I should say here that I’ll be coming back to re-predict the LCS and World Series when they happen as I’ll surely be wrong at least a couple of times.

Yankees vs. Rays – You knew it’d come down to this. This will be an outstanding series. I think this one will go down to the wire, but B.J. Upton will continue his ridiculous postseason run in this series and carry the Rays to at least a couple of wins. Game 7 with Price vs. Sabathia will be one of those classic games, but the Rays pull it out and head to their second World Series in three years.

Giants vs. Phillies – I think this will be a better series than many. The Giants pitching staff can hold up against any offense, even the Phillies. I still think the Phillies are just too much for the Giants here and will outpitch and outslug them to a few nice victories. I think the Phillies win it in six, but the Giants put up a serious fight.

World Series
Rays vs. Phillies – This seems familiar. I really want to pick the Rays here and I keep looking for ways that they can actually beat the Phillies, but Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels keep getting in my mind’s way. The Rays pitching just isn’t as good as the Phillies and the Rays offense just isn’t as good as the Phillies. If the Rays can make the Phillies bullpen a relevant part of the series, they have a chance to pull out a couple late inning wins which would be enough to win the series, but I just don’t see that happening. As it stands right now, I’m going with the Phillies winning this one in six on a Game Six extra inning pinch hit double by Mike Sweeney to score Carlos Ruiz. 

If I’m right, I can use this post to gloat all the way until next season. If I’m wrong…wordpress has a delete post feature, right?

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