I’ve seen enough confirmation to believe that it’s true. Zack Greinke, Yuniesky Betancourt and $2 million have been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for a package that includes Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain and Jake Odorizzi. There is also said to be a player to be named later in the trade that some scouts have said will be a quality player, but the Royals want to check the medical records on. I’ll give a full analysis tomorrow, but I wanted to give my gut feeling this morning and see how it compares. My first reaction was that this is a terrible trade for a couple of reasons. One, the players’ names are a pain to spell. The second, much more important, reason is that it just seems underwhelming to get a shortstop who can’t hit and whose defense was rated quite poorly, a 25 year old who has seen just 47 games in the majors and a pitcher in A-ball.

After reflecting a bit, though, I’ve come around somewhat. First of all, Betancourt is gone, which is awesome. Trading his defense for Escobar’s (rated very highly throughout the minors) will be a huge factor in getting Luke Hochevar over the hump which will help replace Greinke. Looking at Lorenzo Cain’s stats I really like him. He can run, plays very good defense and has a chance to be sort of a Mike Cameron type player with a few less homers, but also less strikeouts. My qualm with the offensive players in return is that the Royals didn’t really solve their power problem, but they get a lot faster. Odorizzi is the player in the deal that most excites me, though. He has a fantastic repertoire, good control and a feel for pitching. He instantly becomes the Royals best or second best right handed pitching prospect and should be able to slot in as a #2 to one of the many lefties in the system.

As I said, I’ll get into this more tomorrow, but that’s my initial thought. The player to be named later will also have an impact as reports are indicating that it’s not your typical young guy in A ball flyer type, but rather someone who can make an impact and soon, just need to check on records. Anybody know of a Brewers prospect with an injury issue that the Royals would want to check out?

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