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Royals Win, Royals Win! And Yeah, It Still Means Nothing

First of all, how great is it to have baseball to listen to on the radio again? Even if it was just a Spring Training game and it wasn’t Denny Matthews, the sounds of baseball were back permeating my house, and that’s something that just can’t be replicated. It also feels good that the Royals won. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t matter one lick, it was nice to see the top of the lineup do their thing to get on base and Butler to drive them home in the first. It was nice to see Jeff Francouer absolutely launch a homer to left. It was nice to see both Kyle Davies and Bruce Chen pitch well. It doesn’t mean much of anything, but it was certainly nice.

A couple of things that stuck out to me both involved the shortstop position. There were two plays in particular where Ryan and Steve thought a ball was going to be a base hit up the middle, but Escobar snagged the grounder and threw the runner out. My question here is whether they were really nice plays by Escobar or if the announcers have just grown used to Betancourt having absolutely no range. Either way, it’ll be really nice to see a grounder go up the middle and past the pitcher’s mound and not resign myself to knowing it will be a hit to center. Ahh, if he can just hit a little then I have a feeling Escobar will be a truly special player. I think he’s got some pop in that bat based on his size and his swing.

We also got a chance to see/hear Moustakas and Hosmer. Neither had a game to remember, but it was really nice to hear their names called and give them at bats. I talked a few days ago about how it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to start at the same time, and I still believe that. However, it would be pretty cool if they both came up together and started on the same day. I just want to make sure people’s expectations for Moustakas are tempered pretty well as I just have a feeling he’ll struggle initially. I think Hosmer comes up and rakes from day one, but Moustakas might need a little time. I hope I’m wrong, but I see a rough first 20-25 games.

I read a few tweets and it was mentioned on the radio what an interesting vision a Royals Spring Training game is this year. Yesterday’s game in particular was a great example of that. Rangers fans were there to see the starters, the team that made it to the World Series last season. When they were gone by the fifth or sixth inning, so were many of the Rangers fans. To a Royals fan, though, the fifth and sixth inning is when it gets interesting. It’s when Johnny Giavotella replaces Chris Getz. It’s when Mike Moustakas replaces Mike Aviles. It’s when Eric Hosmer replaces Billy Butler and so on and so forth. There was a decidedly Royals tilt toward the end of the game.

There’s not much else going on in the world of the Royals today, so this is a pretty short post. I have an announcement coming up this week about the future of Royals Zone, and it’s pretty exciting for the readers. This week I’ll be profiling some of the new players acquired this off-season including Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain. It’s just great to see Royals baseball being played again.

  1. Patrick
    March 1, 2011 at 9:50 am

    I got into the car yesterday after work, started it, and what did I hear on the radio? A baseball game. Yes, it was Sox/Dodgers, but it was just so nice to hear a game.

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