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Site Announcement

I promised a big announcement yesterday, and here it is.

I was recently offered an opportunity to do my writing on a larger platform, and I accepted the opportunity to work with someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable about baseball and the Royals, but someone who I consider a friend.

When I started this blog in September of last year it was because I was looking for an outlet to write and what better to write about than the Royals? I doubt he remembers, but I actually talked through email with Rany Jazayerli about blogging and how to make it in the sports world and he gave me a piece of advice that I try to adhere to. He told me that to blog for myself and not for other people.

From now on I’ll be blogging for myself at www.pinetarpress.com. It’s a fantastic site run by Greg Schaum, as many of you probably know. I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity. I’d like to thank all my readers and hope that you’ll follow me to pinetarpress.com. It’ll be the same blog, just on a different site.

Remember, go to www.pinetarpress.com. If you haven’t bookmarked it already, you should have, but do it now.

Pine Tar Press

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